Frequently Asked Questions



There are a limited number of 20 foot used shipping containers available for purchase yearly. You will have access to your shipping container while it is at your theme camp on playa. Limited arrangements are available to gain access off-playa, but a fee applies and timing is limited. You will be contacted prior to the event, at which time you will provide your arrival time on playa, primary contact information and any theme camp or placement information (map, camp plan, etc.) that will be used to coordinate the drop of your container. Remember, Theme Camp Questionnaires and Plans are due by April 27th. If you are registering as a theme camp, you must include your container location in your plans. You must also register as a Container Camp even if not officially requesting placement.
There is no wait list! Let’s get you registered right now! The main hurdle is timing and ensuring we can purchase your container and have it delivered.
If you are a first time customer, a contract will be emailed and a link to billing provided. If you are already under contract for a container, you will be invoiced and payment will be due by June 30th each year.
1 Year minimum, but there is sharp discounting provided for contract of 3 and/or 5 years. We love relationships.
There is a onetime charge for establishing the contract and securing the container, permit-required, painting and preparation, an annual fee for storage, and annual round trip delivery fee for getting your container to your camp location. At the end of the event it will be shipped from your camp back to our holding yard. All containers must be loaded, closed, and ready for removal at the close of the event.
You do, but we take care of all the details (acquisition, painting, transportation) and we extend a lease to you. Please do not alter this color by repainting your container or adding any permanent additions to the exterior of the container. You can modify the color only if indicated in the contract. Washoe County requires these units to be tan in color. We can repaint the unit for $250.


If you have immediate questions, contact