Playa Storage & Trucking is excited to offer a trucking and storage option for the Playa Festival. Our services are intended to help participants, artists and theme camps lighten the burden of transportation. Leave this pain to us.


Whether you need a large item delivered to the Playa, a large item stored or both Playa Storage and Trucking has you covered.

Delivery Only

  • Contact us for pricing

Delivery and Storage (to and from the event)

  • 1-YR Contract $3,500/year
  • 3-YR Contract $2,900/year
  • 5-YR Contract $2,400/year

Optional Add-ons

  • Delivery can be made to a shipper where you have secured transportation locally. You take full responsibility of container at that point and until it is returned. See for options.

Important info

  • There are a limited number of storage spots available each year. Take action early to secure your spot.
  • The annual service/storage fee, per contract, is payable each summer by June 15 or prior to pre burn delivery access.